Noretec Consulting Group is a leader in bringing enterprise applications and technology into innovative solutions to our clients. With vast experience with PeopleSoft implementations, upgrades and other special projects, Noretec has empowered our customers to embrace new ways of conducting business in order to achieve their operational and financial objectives.


In 2001, Noretec Consulting Group began providing business solutions based on PeopleSoft applications and technology.  Almost immediately Noretec Consulting Group began working with our first client in the Financial Services industry.


Today, Noretec Consulting Group provides business process reengineering and design, optimization, systems implementation and enhancement, change management, and training services for PeopleSoft Enterprise applications and strategy.  Noretec Consulting Group’s primary objectives are to continue expanding our services to organizations investing in Oracle’s product offerings.


Due to large success with outcomes, Noretec Consulting Group has also expanded into the supporting clients with legal issues. Whether the topic is data conversion and review, case management or support with trial preparation, Noretec Consulting Group can custom tailor a solution to suit your needs.


Over the years, Noretec Consulting Group has earned a reputation for excellence with our clients, based on a solid track record of providing superior levels of services for our customers.  The depth of our expertise and the strength of our commitment to customer satisfaction have established Noretec Consulting Group as a trusted advisor.


Our methodology is focused on establishing best practices in business design, and implementing systems and technologies to support our clients’ business processes and not changing our clients’ business processes to support their systems.  This methodology allows our clients to maximize their investment in their ERP applications.


Noretec Consulting Group is here to help you achieve your goals and maximize your investment potential.


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